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Over 15 GWof green hydrogen projects under development

Green hydrogen is delivered as feedstock (in place of grey hydrogen) or as a new energy source. DH2 Energy proposes competitives solutions for different aplications.

The Iberian Peninsula and Mexico are our main markets. We are also active in other markets, including France and Uruguay.

Project in advanced development

A pioneering project: Hysencia

The project Hysencia consists of a green hydrogen production plant in Aragon (Spain). Construction is scheduled to start in 2024. The second phase of the project is expected in 2025-2026.

Exported electricity to the grid No – 100% PV self consumption
H2 production (first year) 1680 tonnes
H2 capacity to PV capacity 73%
Electrolyzer output pressure 20 – 30 bars
Solar PV capacity
49 MWp
H2 capacity

35 MW

Solar PV output
1960 kWh / kWp / year
Solar PV plant production
96 GWh / year

Initiatives and cooperations

PlatformCo is a transformative project for the industry in Spain

DH2 Energy is cooperating with Arcelor Mittal and Fertiberia who will be major off-takers for the green hydrogen produced

DH2 Energy is one of the promoters of PlatformCo Hidrógeno, a project in which companies in the renewable hydrogen value chain participate to promote energy transformation in the North of Spain. With PlatformCo Hidrógeno, renewable hydrogen will be supplied to the Arcelor Mittal and Fertiberia facilities in Asturias. We are the company that leads the development of renewable hydrogen projects, which are located in the northern half of the country.

PlatformCo distinctive focus is to benefit from collaboration to achieve fossil fuels parity without subsidies through increasing scale, the integration in the value chain, the deployment of infrastructure, digitalization and risk mitigation.

“PlatformCo Hidrógeno, opens the way so that the industry is much more competitive and sustainable. This is the first and largest renewable hydrogen project for big offtakers in the country. At DH2 Energy, we are very proud to participate as a founding partner and promoter of this innovative project”

Marcos López-Brea Baquero

General Director of DH2 Energy


FROM 2025 ON


  • From 2025 on, the goal is to use dedicated infrastructure for the transportation of green hydrogen, benefiting from existing pipelines.

FROM 2025 ON